Thursday, February 25, 2016

A little bit of sunshine: Featuring Little Puddletown

Spring is in the air. I feel it coming our way.
Winter has it's perks and all, but an enclosed house of testosterone filled boys, a dog and a cat, make Mama slowly lose little pieces of her soul... You ever notice how a lack of vitamin D has you leaning a little towards to dark side? It's a real thing! It can be a SATURDAY morning...your pillow is perfectly glowing in the white rays of the early sun... a lone bird softly chirping outside your bedroom window...

It doesn't matter. You are lacking vitamin D.

You shoot up like a bat out of hell... grab that pillow... and CHUCK it at your window yelling "Screw you bird, you sound like shit!"

Spring cant come soon enough.

And since we are lucky here in California, we are taking advantage of every beautiful, sunny, late winter day.

I'm loving this. The boys are loving this...

:: ...the birds are safer ::

These late winter days are perfect for my newfound Etsy love! Did you see that little beanie Johnny was wearing? Here is a close up.
I have a couple of these sweet Little Puddletown finds. They are too cute. A mama named Sara makes these in Portland, Oregon. Her Etsy store is filled with handmade beanies and pants for your adorable little ones. You MUST check them out.
PLUS, she has generously given 20% off to all of my readers through the end of March. All you have to do is use the promo code ALLDAYSON
:: ENJOY!! ::

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