Monday, February 22, 2016

Ode to Valentines Day

I am not super big on Valentines Day. I don't have anything against celebrating it, I just don't agree with waiting all year to show love on a single day. And then, any lack of effort that day gets you a one way ticket to the dog house.

No thanks. I'll pass on that. Skip the day and beat the crowds and escalated prices. Celebrate it a different day, or ALL OF THE DAYS!

...I just don't want to celebrate it on February 14th... because I'm a rebel.

:: ...and its my buddy Thomas' birthday. Holla! ::

Last night we were able to get out of the house for our first date night since Johnny was born. All three kids were in good hands and we ran out the door before Grandma Kim could change her mind. It was beautiful. We cleaned up nice and spent the evening not being "Mom" and "Dad." Instead we were husband and wife, reminiscing on our special moments, sneaking kisses and throwing back some much needed beers.

A little restless, I spent the night creepily staring at the back of Kirk's sleeping head.

I kept thinking how lucky we are. Everyone goes through life jumping from polaroid to polaroid of moments, experiences and encounters. We mark that time in our life, let go, and then jump to the next. Each leading us in a new direction.

Kirk and I found each other at exactly the right moment. What started out as a friendship quickly turned into so much more. Instead of jumping to the next polaroid we realized what we had and just held on to each other. We stayed in that moment. We still stay in that moment. And all of the sudden all of the polaroids before us just fade away. The ups and downs of the past don't matter anymore because they got us right here.

So, we celebrate all the time. Because we are SO damn lucky.

I stopped creepily staring at the back of Kirk's head and closed my eyes cuddled next to my other half. #TeamColeman

(Wedding photos by Weddings By Sunnyside)



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