Saturday, February 20, 2016

Seven years flew right on by

Jace turned seven this week.

Every year seems to go by faster than the last. After his birthday I asked him if he felt any older. With a surprised look he said, "No! Isn't that weird?"
Yeah. Yeah, it is. I feel it. It feels like yesterday I was rocking him to sleep. Now, every time I turn around he is carrying around one of his brothers. He is reading. He has even started asking me to teach him to change diapers so he can help out. He's not normal. He's amazing.

I had him when I was twenty-one. He turned my name into "Mommy". Actually, he turned me into a lot of things...
  • My voice changed... Baby talk startled babbling from my mouth towards his tiny face... which eventually morphed to the more commonly used "Mom Voice"...
  • Camera flashes became abundant as I turned into a paparazzi.
  • Hell, he even taught me to appreciate the gift of coffee.
Nothing is the same.

He stole the hearts of his other mommy and myself, and now both of his stepparents and a boat load of siblings and extended family.

Life is good. He assures that, with his made up songs, crazy facial expressions and new found dance moves. How can any day be bad?

Happy birthday, my beautiful boy. You make every day a little brighter.

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:: and now he is seven ::

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