Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Chapter

Today is my last day of work and it feels amazing.

You know that blissful feeling when you go to tuck your kids into bed at night after they have been adorably testing your last nerve all day?

It starts in the morning when one child is refusing to put on new underwear because the other pairs are "weird feeling." You try and explain how disturbing that is, but before you know it the mom voice is out and the child is STOMPING each leg through the new underwear. You smile, and walk away.

You are running late for school and the oldest spends five minutes trying to tie his shoes while simultaneously calling the dog over to wrestle. You finally coax them into the car with promises of listening to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" on repeat all the way to school. But the music must be really exciting because the potty training child needs to pee half way to school. And when a potty trainer needs to pee... they panic, I panic, the whole world panics. So you pull over and hide the kid between you and the open car door to pee on the curb. (Yeah judge me... I don't care. Perks of having boys.) A drip comes out... literally a drip... You stare at each other blankly in silence until he gives you the cutest smirk in the world and says "...done."

You thought your nerves were safe after the drop off, but when you get home it starts all over. The youngest doesn't like what you cooked for dinner because he doesn't feel like pasta today and the simple veggies are too spicy. You stare each other down, western stand-off style, across the counter until you are finally forced to let him up from the seat only because if you don't get them into that bath the teacher is going to call CPS thinking they raise themselves.

It all starts to calm down as your reading the bedtime story except they are whisper fighting over who gets to sleep with the dinosaur stuffed animal tonight. Sooooo, you make up words and speed read through the rest (because lets face it, they aren't listening), kiss and hug them, turn on the night light, and...

skip out the door hand in hand with your hubby into the glowing abyss of peaceful alone time.

THAT is how I feel today.

Speed reading nonsense words to my current job, just to step out at 5pm into the glowing abyss of maternity leave followed by self employment.  

I have worked full time for someone else since I was 14, for all but the 8 weeks maternity leave after my first son.

I am ready. I am so ready to be in control of my own schedule and life.

But first... lets get this baby out.

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