Thursday, December 31, 2015

Down to the Last Month

Over 35 weeks down, now. It has gone surprisingly fast.

Yesterday was the first day home without the kids. Somehow I am busier at home than I ever was at work. There is always SOMETHING.  Laundry is magically multiplying and as a sick game, I am pretty sure one of each pair of socks is off playing poker at a nearby sports bar.

I am very tempted to buy the boys all new socks that are exactly the same and toss every other sock in the house. Then, magically, the poker party will be much... much... smaller... heh heh... I'll show them.

:: evil eyebrow raise::

Anyway, the laundry is done, the hospital bags are packed and I think I finally feel ready for whenever this little guy chooses to make his appearance.

Want to see the nursery? You have no choice.


The hubby and I painted all of the wall art. We didn't feel like sticking to a single theme. Variety is the spice of life.

THIS is really when it hit me. Everything slowed down for a minute. The tiny little outfit for Johnny's trip home. His first band shirt and beanie just like daddy. It's really happening. In a matter of weeks we will be holding this little guy in our arms. I cant wait to see his precious face.

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