Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Oops

Christmas was great. Kirk and I made adorable fingerprint cards with the kids to give their other parents on Christmas morning. The boys then came our way to get our celebrations started. They were spoiled, super well behaved and happy. All was jolly, hectic and magical.

...I would share that in detail with you if I didn't just accidentally clear EVERY SINGLE picture from my camera before I could download them. Every. Single. Beautiful. Snap.

The present opening, the kids laughter and cuddles, the families, the Wii Dance competition, the Bean Boozled extravaganza (So hysterical... Equally disturbing)... EVERYTHING, gone.

I guess it's ok. I'll be classy about it...

:: flashback to an hour ago ::
Me falling to my knees yelling "Noooooooooooooooooooo!!! Whyyyyyy?!!!!!" 
Apologies to my concerned neighbors. 

So... The memories will have to be enough.

And now, the new focus... The Cleanup.

Between the abundance of toys that I am supposed to magically find room for and the strong nesting urge I feel being weeks away from baby Johnny's arrival, I need some organization ideas! Cash, our dog, has been helpful in eating the majority of the smaller toys...

Hormones are peaking and I'm ready to pack the holidays away, start the new year, and get organized! Open to inspiration and good energy.

But for today, a couple of my favorite pictures from the past week or so. Mainly to make myself feel better about the death of the Christmas pics.

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  1. Beautiful mother, artist, wife, niece (daughter, sister...), so many hats...and she can write!