Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Crusty Boogers

I just found a stash of crusted boogers under the arm of the couch.

I have bananas in my hair.

:: Note to self; Find out what foods are good for conditioning hair masques, feed them to the babies. Two birds, one stone..::

I did the math the other day;
I make an average of 33 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a week.
I am glamorous.

...This month marks 6 months that I have been working from home. I opened a childcare and am now able to stay home with my little monsters plus a handful of others. This month also starts the final year of my twenties... not that it's relevant to this blog entry... but... maybe it is.

What a whirlwind it has been.
I'm not going to lie... 6 months ago I was losing my mind a little, trying to adjust to this new lifestyle.

:: flashback to fetal position and psychotic laughter ::

I think I've got it down now. In fact... It's a little worrisome JUST how comfortable I actually am.  I live and breath tiny humans. Meals, learning, naps, HELL even diapers are on schedule.

It's all about perspective;
Cheerios spilt on the ground?... You just saved on dog food.
Everyone decides to climb out of bed for the first 30 minutes of nap?... Consider your cardio complete.
Refuse to the lunch I just made for you?... Time for nap, my meal is ready.

Is my baby screaming like a wild banshee?..... OR is he exercising his future vocal genius?
I choose to keep hope alive.

:: Side note; Do NOT be like me and now google what a "Wild Banshee" is. Terrifying. ::
:: Side note II; I know you will anyway... Rebel. ::

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