Thursday, June 2, 2016

Parenting Style: Raising children with a sense of humor

I heard a quote today. It was something to the effect of raising your children to be functional enough to be funny. Obviously I don't have an award winning memory. Basically it was about giving them a bumpy enough life to be resilient and have some good stories to tell.

I love this so hard.

I find nothing beneficial in treating your children like they are royalty in your house. I love you, but I am the boss, shit happens, and you still have a lot to learn and everything is going to be ok. Again... I love you.

One day they will thank us for these lessons learned.

Sure... right now it seems entirely ridiculous that screaming and chasing each other through the hallways while your baby brother is asleep will grant you 20 push ups. That doesn't make sense, right? Well, it does to me. You are now too tired to continue with the wild animal behavior... Therefore, I don't need to pull my hair out repeating the rules over and over... And you are now just a tad bit stronger than you were 10 minutes ago. As an extra bonus, when you are older and your less fortunate friends say "My mom was so mean! She was always taking my video games away when she was mad."
You can reply with, "My mom never let me have a videogames because she was convinced I would grow up with zero life skills. Depending on Mom's mood, she might jump up and pretended she was a drill sergeant prepping me for battle."
You're welcome, son.

Fighting with your brother in the car on the way to school?
Why don't you both put your blankets over your head like a ghost until you can promise me you are going to get along? "Mom, no. That's insane."
"Insane?... you're right. Perrrrfect for insane behavior!....... Do it."
(blankets over heads)
BAM! Fighting has stopped. Annoyed children are now mad at me and not each other, therefore brother BONDING... And they can't see past the blankets to realize the pure hysterical joy I feel as I wave to the car stopped next to me... who is staring confused at the two ghosts on either side of the infant in the back seat. You're welcome.

Traditional? No. No, thank you.

Our kids think we are absolute weirdos.
They aren't too far off.

The majority of my cuddle time with the three year old consists of him done with the hug and me repeatedly hugging his head back to my shoulder saying "No don't go. We cuddle." (and again) "No don't go. We cuddle." He thinks I'm a crazy.... BUT... the minute I stop... he smirks back waiting for the next quick head hug. I'm on to him.

The seven year old stopped holding my hand about a year ago. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to stop trying to demand the action. "Hunny... my hand wont hold itself... HUNNY!... Hold Mommy's hand, dammit."
"Mom! Shhh! People can hear you!"
"That's the point, darling... Now, come here and cuddle."
He rolls his eyes and runs ahead of me... but I see the smirk. I live for that smirk.

And to think; One day the 4 month old will get to experience this privileged parenting experience.

Anything you need to do to make parenting just a little extra fun! :)

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