Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year: Organization Station

It's a new year!
Lets get our diet and exercise resolutions in order!

:: I think I just felt all my friends and family rolling their eyes ::

Ok. So, that stuff isn't really my focus.

This year is full of changes and new adventures, though. Between our two boys with two different schedules, our new little bundle arriving very shortly and diving into entrepreneurship with multiple new career starts, I've been at a loss for where to start and how to get a good grip on all of this. 
Start out the year with the right focus.
Kind of like starting off each day with clean clothes, a fresh cup of coffee and a thirst for inspiration.
:: ...as I hypocritically type this in my pajamas. Fine, Kirk's shirt because my pajamas don't fit anymore. ::
THE POINT IS, the effort is there!
So, I did a little search on Etsy for a planner to at least get my schedule in order. I found the greatest little shop for exactly what I was looking for. It's called ninjandninj. When I wrote the shop owner, Jenna Dempsy, with questions she was super friendly and helpful. SOLD!
:: getting all warm and fuzzy knowing these new planners came with some badass energy ::
2016 Weekly Planner:
Monthly Calendars with optional tabs
Weekly Calendars
Notes Pages
Fun Stickers

12-Month Financial Planner:
Budgeting Goals and Advice
Budgeting Tools and Organization
Meal Plan Organization
Notes Sections
More Stickers

There's more in there too. I would definitely go check out her shop if you are looking for some organizational help for the year.
I'm slightly obsessed. It's a brand new year. Her options are adorable.
... and her card says I don't have to wear pants... so...
Loving this.
So inspired.
Shop Info.
Click the logo below and check it out!

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